History of CrimsonSirius' Pokemon career

CrimsonSirius has been a keen player of Pokemon since his time living in China in 1997. He was four years old when he recieved a new GB Colour and Red, Blue and Green. He completed all three with the use of only his starter as he didn't understand the use of Pokeballs.

Being a comitted player, Crimson completed every game quickly but was ignorant of the competitive side of Pokemon.

In the summer of 2009 Crimson (then known as Miffie_1 on GameFAQs and SoughtParadox on Pokecommunity), still naive to competitive gaming, he became a collector and has almost all event Pokemon that have appeared since the Advanced Generation.

In October of 2009 Crimson had asked for a trade on GameFAQs and was answered by none other than current Mono Color Brain Azure. After seeing the amount of respect Azure had on the site Crimson spontaneously asked him for a battle. Suprised but eager to show his power Azure agreed.

The Battle

The Battle ended rather quickly but began in a very unique way. Azure sent out his powerful EV'd Azelf againt Crimson's Lv 100 un-EV'd Crawdaunt. Despite any of Crimson's Pokemon being EV'd at the time he had a good idea on strategy and movesets forcing Azure to command Azelf to use Explosion to rid the battle field of Crawdaunt.

When the battle was finished Azure had won with 5 remaining Pokemon. He had noticed the potential of CrimsonSirius and began personally training him.

The Aftermath

Azure brought Crimson to MML however Crimson abandoned the site after exchanging harsh words with MasterC regarding the abrupt dismisal of his sensei from the site. Crimson is still in training with Azure however going to Boarding School means he cannot get onto Wi-Fi to spar so he continues to train against players there and by grinding the battle frontier. Azure also got Crim another sensei called Kuroshi - who was a supposed master of team synergy however, Kuroshi stoped Crimson after arguing against him and Azure for CrimsonSirius moveset on a Tyranitar which beat his team.

Battle Style

CrimsonSirius does not tend to use any Tiers when creating teams thus his teams tend to be focus around his favourites. However - lately, under the watchful eye of Azure, CrimsonSirius has began creating serious competitive sets to topple any opposition.


Defeat Sensei AKA Azure

Defeat Kuroshi

Gain a powerful team for each situation (Hail, Sandstorm, Raindance, Sunny Day, UU, NU, OU, Uber, Monocolor, Monotype)

Gain a position (Gym Leader)

Beat all Leaders

Beat the Fronteir

Beat the Elite 4

Destroy the champion


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