Gym Leaders are among T-Flare's most premier battlers, and they serve as your obstacles for the T-Flare League Challenge.
Similar to the Gym Leaders in the games, T-Flare's Leaders specialize in specific types of Pokemon. Each Gym Leader is required to carry at least three Pokemon of their gym's type. Although no rule says that you can't, it's generally frowned upon to stack your team with super-effective match-ups to their type, but do so at your own risk. As some of our most veteran fighters they'll more than likely come well prepared for whatever you throw at them.

The current Gym Leaders are:

In order to apply to become a Gym Leader you must be a registered member of You will go through an extensive testing process, and the results of the battles will weigh heavily on whether or not you are qualified, but your respect within the community will also come into question. We typically do not accept people who are brand new to the site, so if you're interested make sure to sign up as soon as possible if you'd like to stand a chance at making it.

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