Quick Info Edit

Player:MithxKrylance( also go by mith,kry,Hairu)

Age: 18 (born march 28, 1992)

Favorite pokemon: Dugtrio

Born in : North Texas (and still here...)

Signature pokemon: Dugtrio

Likes: The adventure of pokemon, cooking, Anime, stuff

Dislikes: Cocky trainers, Braggers, getting paralized

Simple facts and infoEdit

  • Currently going into the field of culinary arts
  • Only child
  • Bipolar disorder (type NOS)
  • Opened my own catering company on april 12, 2010

Background in the world of PokemonEdit

I started pokemon back when most people did, with the original R/B/Y versions, Been hooked sence. A little after the release of Dimond and pearl, many people i knew began to EV train.

Needless to say, i became a punching-bag for all of them.

I joined t-flare after being noticed by Azure, and i'm here for a few simple reasons

  1. To have fun
  2. to Expand my database on pokemon, moves, and good combos
  3. to offer my collecting skills(as i am more of a collector than a fighter)
  4. to eventually form a team of my own and help others out
  5. to try out many weird and random teams with not often seen strategies

Thanks for readingEdit

Seriously, i mean it. I'm not the most important person, so the fact that someone might read this means alot.