T-Flare has many different facilities for aiding all trainers, both old and new

The Tutoring ProgramEdit

The Tutoring Program is a new concept, under development at the moment. It aims at placing one experienced user and an inexperienced user. Over a set period of time, the tutor shows the newbie the ropes, how to be a valued member, teaches them how to battle, team building. Every aspect of the forum and Pokemon battling is covered. Questions are encouraged during this time. At the end, hopefully, the tutee is no longer a newbie, but a valued member of the community, who takes delight in helping others reach his level of skill.


The Tutoring Program aims at developing a player's skill during battle. This includes Prediction, Type match-ups. It also aims at developing their general theory in terms of EV's, IV's and Team Synergy. It also aims at improving Team Building. Another aim is allowing new users to enter the community and positively contributing to the site.

Finally, the Tutoring Program aims to help people to have fun while playing the game.

Wow. Amazing!Edit

Yes it is amazing. There are currently ten people who are taking the time to help others. The coordinators of the Tutoring Program are Aroma_Of_Cat and Sheshi (D2theM) Do you want to participate? Go to the T-Flare website and register. Once you do that, then register your interest in the appropriate thread.

Current tutors and tutees:Edit

Education Program 3

Aroma_Of_Cat ====> Jaketheraichu

Sheshi ====> Umbreon

Azure ====> Nik

sk8r ====>

AquaBass ====> Lebryan

bluejay ====> PhoenixDjango

Kuroshi ====> Khafre

Waterkunai1 ====> Pokelol

Kypro ====> Zolo777

RedLatios07 ====>